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Porlock Village Hall

Hall Bookings

The Village Hall has three rooms that can be booked: the Large Hall; the Small Hall and
the meeting Room.

Bookings for these rooms are only carried out by on-line Booking Enquiry or phone, with
the preference being by Booking Enquiry.

To make a booking - first check the Web Calendar (see link below) to see if the room
and time you want is available. [It is sensible to check if any events are taking place in
the other hall that could affect you.] If the required hall and time is free then use the
Booking Enquiry page (see link below) or phone requesting a booking. Please bear
in mind that the calendar may not be completely up-to-date - there could be bookings that
have not yet been entered.

If the booking is accepted you will receive a confirmation. You will also be advised if you
are required to pay a deposit. The booking confirmation will be required to be presented
when payment is made, as it contains all the reference details relevant to your booking.
Payment cannot be accepted without it, (except for electronic payment transfer when the
information must either be phoned in or the booking confirmation posted to the booking clerk).

The key is only available from the Post Office in Porlock, where payments can also be
made. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or electronic payment transfer. The key
will only be available to you if you have paid. The key can only be collected during the
following hours: 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm, Monday - Saturday.

Booking enquiries   

Mrs Rosalinde Haw
Horner Mill
Minehead TA24 8HY

Phone: 01643 863117

Booking Payments Mrs Rosalinde Haw
Horner Mill
Minehead TA24 8HY

The Post Office
High Street
Minehead TA24 8PY

Web Calendar

Booking Enquiry

Scale of Charges      - html
Terms & Conditions  - html

Scale of Charges      - pdf  
(includes Terms & Conditions)

Safety Notes            - pdf

Village Hall Brochure - pdf

Car Park

The current situation with the Village Hall
Car Park is that there is a chained off
area reserved exclusively for Village Hall
users. This is available at no additional
and does not have to be indicated
as being required when you complete the
Booking Enquiry form. The key to this area
is provided with the Hall key.

You can request the use of the whole Car
Park by ticking the box on the Booking
Enquiry form.

There is a sign that can be obtained from
the caretaker, to be put up in advance,
telling people that the car park is not going
to be available for general use on a
particular day. The user is expected to
close the gate and control access
themselves to prevent unauthorised