In these conditions:
a) The “facilities” means, the premises and/or the equipment that the hirer has asked to hire.
b) The “hirer” has the meanings defined in paragraphs 3 and 5 below.

All applications for individual hirings must be made on the printed form provided and confirmed by the
Booking Clerk.

The person signing the booking form shall be deemed to be the hirer and must be over 21 years of age.

The deposit will only be refundable in full, if no damage or extra cleaning work is required, after the facilities
have been used. Deductions will be made before any refund, and extra charges may be levied if, in the opinion
of the Management Committee, cleaning or damage costs exceed the value of the deposit. Any damage
occurring during the period of hire must be reported to the Booking Clerk, or the Caretaker, within 48 hours
of the event. Any refund of the deposit will be delayed until the full extent of costs have been assessed.

Where the hirer indicates that he/she signs the application form on behalf of any club or organisation, they shall
be deemed to have the authority of that organisation to sign on its behalf. All the officials of the club or
organisation shall be deemed to be jointly and severally liable, with the applicant, for any breach or non-
observance of these conditions.

The facilities will be used solely for the purpose/purposes described on the booking form. If the booking relates
to a regular and continuing commitment, this one undertaking shall be binding for all occasions when the facilities
are used by that hirer.

The hirer shall be responsible for the provision of all information, instructions and/or supervision as is necessary
to ensure the safety of any activity for which the the facilities are to be used. The Committee’s Safety Precaution
Notes should be used as a basis for the above.

The hirer is wholly responsible for the good behaviour and safety of all persons attending to use the facilities
under hire.

The Village Halls’ Management Committee shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any property, nor loss,
damage or injury to any person or persons using the facilities during the hiring, arising from any cause. The hirer
indemnifies the Village Halls’ Management Committee against loss, damage or injury, howsoever caused. (It is
recommended that the hirer should consider insuring himself/herself/themselves against any such possibilities).

Sufficient qualified supervisors (over 21 years of age) must be in attendance at all times during the hiring. Where
the hiring is on behalf of a group of juniors, a minimum of 3 supervisors, aged over 21 years of age, shall be
provided irrespective of the size of the gathering, or 1 supervisor for every 50 persons present, whichever is the

The hirer is solely responsible for the adequacy, suitability and safety of all the equipment brought into/onto the

The hirer must confine members to those parts of the facilities which have been included in the hire agreement.

The authority to accept bookings shall rest with the Booking Clerk or his/her nominees.